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General Knwledge PDF in Odia 1. ଭରତ ନାମର ଉତ୍ପତ୍ତି ପ୍ରାଚୀନ କାଳର କେଉଁ ମହାନ ରାଜା ସହିତ ଜଡିତ? The origin of the name Bharat is related to which majestic king of ancient times? (କ)

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General Knowledge Short Questions : welcome to Digital Odisha, here we discuss some important general knowledge mcq, general knowledge quiz, general knowledge mcq questions disucss. General knowledge mcq is the important part of

General Knowledge MCQ || GK Short Questions MCQ Part-1

General Knowledge MCQ  (1)Offloading of government shares to private companies is known as______________. (a)Investment (b)Disinvestment (c)Centralization (d)Decentralization Ans-b(Disinvestment)   (2)Which among the following comes under primary sector of Indian Economy? (a)Sugar Industry