Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Set-1

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Chemistry Multiple choice Questions 1

Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions set 1

Q.1: The main constituent of bio gas is
[A] oxygen
[B] methane
[C] acetic acid
[D] methyl alcohol

[B] methane

Q.2: Aspirin is chemically known as
[A] methyl salicylate
[B] hydroxysalicylate
[C] acetylsalicylic acid
[D] alkylsalicylicacid

[C] acetylsalicylic acid

Q.3: The most abundant element in the human body is
[A] carbon
[B] iron
[C] nitrogen
[D] oxygen

[D] oxygen

Q.4: Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by
[A] oxides of carbon and nitrogen
[B] oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
[C] oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous
[D] None of these

[B] oxides of nitrogen and sulphur

Q.5: A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by
[A] Filtration
[B] Evaporation
[C] Decantation
[D] Distillation

[D] Distillation

Q.6: Which of the following is biodegradable?
[A] Paper
[B] D.D.T.
[C] Aluminium
[D] Plastic

[A] Paper

Q.7: The ‘Green House effect’ is produced due to the presence of excess amount of
[A] Sulphur dioxide
[B] Nitrogen dioxide
[C] Carbon monoxide
[D] Methane

[D] Methane

Q.8:An element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially is
[A] thorium
[B] radium
[C] plutonium
[D] uranium

[C] plutonium

Q.9:Chloroform can be used as
[A] Analgesic
[B] Anaesthetic
[C] Antimalarial
[D] Antibiotic

[B] Anaesthetic

Q.10: The manufacture of iron from iron ore involves the process of
[A] oxidation
[B] reduction
[C] fractional distillation
[D] electrolysis

[B] reduction

Q.11: Which of the following is caused by the higher concentration of Nitrogen and Phosphorous?

[A] Eutrophication
[B] Hardness
[C] Alkalinity
[D] Acidity

[A] Eutrophication

Q.12: Earth’s atmosphere is an envelope of gases extending to a height of
[A] 100 km
[B] 150 km
[C] 200 km
[D] 300 km

[C] 200 km

Q.13: In its reaction with silver nitrate, shows
[A] Oxidising property
[B] Reducing property
[C] Basic property
[D] Acidic property

[D] Acidic property

Q.14: The main source of carbon monoxide is
[A] Industrial process
[B] Fuel combustion
[C] Transportation
[D] Solid waste disposal

[C] Transportation

Q.15:‘Aerosol’ is
[A] Suspended solid particles in air
[B] Pollutant gas, present in air
[C] Microbes, present in air
[D] Green house gas present in air

[A] Suspended solid particles in air

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