General knowlede multiple choice questions answer Test -5

General knowledge multiple choice quiz PDF Test – 5

Welcome to digital odisha , here we discuss some general knowledge multiple choice quiz pdf which help to your all odisha competitive exam , general knowledge pdf , general knowledge short questions pdf . 

General knowledge quiz test 

Qns : Short Key of Rename any object in computer System?

A. F2
B. F1
C. Ctrl+w
D. Ctrl+F


Qns : Short Key Of Window Refreshing ?

A. F12
B. F9
C. F2
D. F5


Qns : “Maritime” is a security agency of which country?

A. China
B. France
C. Germany
D. Pakistan


Qns : How many Calories are there in 100 grams Natural Honey?

A. 107
B. 209
C. 304
D. 416


Qns : First page of Website is termed as__________?

A. Homepage
B. Index
C. JAVA script
D. Bookmark


Qns : According to ICC rules, In 4-day test matches how many overs are there in a single day?

A. 90
B. 98
C. 108
D. 114


Qns : Which country has NO capital in the world?

A. Papua New Guinea
B. Nauru
C. Vatican City
D. None of them


Qns : Russo-Japanese war was fought during _________ ?

A. 1903-1905
B. 1902-1903
C. 1901-1902
D. 1904-1905


Qns : Who was the emperor of Japan during second World War __________?

A. Chiang Kai Shek
B. Taisho
C. Sin Ke Qiang
D. Hirohito


Qns : England fought second world war under the leadership of _________?

A. Winston Churchill
B. Roosevelt
C. Mountbatten
D. Clement Attlee


Qns : What does PUBG stands for _____?

A. Player Unknown Battle Grand
B. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
C. Player Unknown Battle Global
D. None of these


Qns : Which album won the award for ‘Best Rock Album’ at the Grammy 2020 awards?

A. Amo
B. Social Cues
C. In the End
D. Trauma


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