Salinity related mcq short questions pdf

Salinity related mcq short questions pdf

506. Which one of the following salts contributes maximum to the salinity of sea water?
(A) Calcium sulphate
(B) Magnesium chloride
(C) Magnesium sulphate
(D) Sodium chloride
Ans: (D)

507. Which one of the following denotes water salinity gradient?
(A) Thermocline
(B) Halocline
(C) Pycnocline
(D) Chemocline
Ans: (B)

508. The highest salinity is found in
(A) Dead Sea
(B) Red Sea
(C) Great Salt Lake in U.S.A.
(D) Lake Van in Turkey
Ans: (D)

509. The highest amount of salinity is found in
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Dead Sea
Ans: (D)

510. Main source of Salinity of the Sea is
(A) Rivers
(B) Land
(C) Wind
(D) Ash ejected from the Volcano
Ans: (B)

511. World’s most saline Ocean/Lake is
(A) Caspian Sea
(B) Great Salt Lake
(C) Dead Sea
(D) Lake Van
Ans: (D)

512. Water of which one of the following sea is most saline?
(A) Baltic Sea
(B) Black Sea
(C) Dead Sea
(D) Red Sea
Ans: (C)

513. Which of the following seas has the highest average salinity?
(A) Black Sea
(B) Yellow Sea
(C) Mediterranean Sea
(D) Dead Sea
Ans: (D)

514. Which of the following Sea has the highest salinity?
(A) Caspian Sea
(B) Mediterranean Sea
(C) Red Sea
(D) Dead Sea
Ans: (D)

515. Where is Great Salt lake located?
(A) Iran (B) U.S.A.
(C) India (D) Turkey
Ans: (B)

516. When density in the sea increases, then
(A) Salinity and depth decreases
(B) Salinity increases but depth decreases
(C) Both salinity and depth increases
(D) Salinity decreases and depth increases
Ans: (B)

517. Average salinity of water of Arabian Sea is
(A) 25 ppt (B) 35 ppt
(C) 45 ppt (D) 55 ppt
Ans: (B)

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